The Marsh Family is a family of six and we live in Kent. We all play music together. Dad, Mum, Alfie, Thomas, Ella and me.

We all like making music together, and we post our songs on YouTube. Dad is very tall, and very single-minded. Mum is very caring, but she can sometimes become very angry. Alfie is very hard-working, but he sometimes….a lot of the time he forgets things. Thomas is really nice, but he gets quite upset sometimes. Ella can really make me feel better, but she can get quite tearful when we have to start a song again. I think I’m quite single-minded, but I admit I can be a bit reluctant when it comes to practising songs.

Here are the instruments we play: Dad plays cello, piano, guitar and drums. Alfie plays piano, bass and drums. Thomas plays clarinet and drums. Ella plays cornet and drums. I play violin, ukelele and drums. We all sing. In the future, we are excited about making our own songs and singing live on TV and things like that. We are the Marsh Family.


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