The Marsh Family is a musical family group based in Faversham, Kent. Talented vocalists, lyricists, and multi-instrumentalists, the family consists of parents Ben (a history lecturer, 47) and Danielle Marsh (administrator, 46) and their children Alfie (17), Thomas (16), Ella (14) and Tess (12). Having sung together since the kids were born in Scotland, they have grown as fast in fanbase as they have in size, reaching 135,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Though sometimes compared to The Partridge Family and “Weird Al” Yankovic for their camaraderie and biting humour in parodies, their original sound carries more of the folk rock tones of Fleetwood Mac, mixed with the pulse and harmonic resonance of other family vocals (such as the Bee Gees, Beach Boys, and The Corrs).

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The Marsh Family playing their adaptation of “Message in a Bottle” on climate change

ELLA: Hey, I’m Ella and I play the cornet and sing. My top three favourite artists are KT Tunstall, Billy Joel and Eva Cassidy. As well as music and lots of music clubs, I play football, am a big fan of German and chemistry, and I’m definitely the best cook out of the kids in my family, though will never beat nana’s shepherd’s pie.

DANIELLE: Hey – I’m Danielle but it’s a name I rarely hear, being mostly “Mum” or “Lils”! I’m definitely the weak musical link in the family as I JUST sing (preferably belting out some eighties classic). But I’ll take some credit for birthing four of the ever-improving musicians in the family!

The Marsh Family are independent, choosing projects, songs, parodies, or writing and recording original material at home. They are largely supported by a bunch of amazing people on Patreon who subscribe for small amounts each month, and receive lots of personal updates, previews, bonus material, and behind-the-scenes action such as podcasts and messages. This has allowed The Marsh Family to invest in new equipment to make music or videos, music lessons for the kids, time (especially for adults), and input from a wider team that includes producing and mixing by Skyline Studios, mastering by Pete Maher – as well as occasional PR, videography, and project management support.

The Marsh Family have performed on or supported charities and initiatives including the W.H.O. COVID-19 Solidarity Fund (2020), Comic Relief (2021), Prostate Cancer UK (2021), Save the Children (2022), and Refugee Week and Kent Refugee Action Network (2023).

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You can get a flavour of the carnage behind the scenes through these out-takes videos!

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